Cuddl Pillow w/Adjustable Natural Latex Foam Fill (Pack of 1)

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  • Patented Multilayer Design with Waterproof and Dustproof Layer: Protecting the heart of your Cuddl Pillow is a 5 layer Outer Core shell that’s guaranteed to keep the bad things away. A dupont waterproof shell and protective mite & dust layers helps us get the job done.
  • All-natural Shredded Latex Fill with 100% Cotton Removable Case: The Inner Core of your Cuddl Pillow is filled with a proprietary shredded latex-based filling. It is a naturally-obtained raw material that provides fluffiness and firmness depending on your adjustments.
  • Adjusts Precisely To Your Neck and Helps Reduce Cervical Pain: Depending on your shoulder and neck width, a pillow needs to provide optimum support all through the night. Adjust your Cuddl Pillow by adding or removing the foam fill material till the pillow meets your desired thickness.
  • Aromatherapy and Deodorizer Keeps The Pillow Fresh For Long: The accessories that come with your pillow helps facilitate better sleep and keeps your pillow long-lasting. Aromatherapy insert diffuses essential lavender oil for better sleep and deodorizer keeps it from staying damp.
  • Upto 5 Year Warranty and Risk-free 30-night Trial: We’re absolutely sure that no matter the sleeper, our Cuddl Pillow can be adjusted to help you sleep better. Our 30-nights hassle-free trial period and upto 5 year warranty is an assurance that we’re as invested in your sleep as you are.


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